Hotel Intact

A simple way of living and traveling essentially.
How do today’s most active generations travel?

Hospitality has changed with each generation serving different purposes to best suit travelers’ essential needs.

For today's Gen Y and Gen Z, traveling essentially means a convenient place to settle, to eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and above all socialize.

Hotel Intact is the next generation of hotel experience for the most traveled generations. It provides new opportunities for social engagement.  Guests, after exploring the city, return to the hotel where they can intimately share their stories while doing some of their essential tasks.

The conceptual element of Hotel Intact embraces this new generation’s lifestyle of living simply and essentially. 

Gen Y is currently the group of travelers who travel the most, averaging 35 days per year. 
Gen Z is close behind, averaging 29 days per year. Both active, adventurous and internet native generations, budgeted travel isn’t stopping them from seeing the world. According to research, 70% of Gen Y admits that funding travel is their motivation for working and secondly paying for necessities. Even without big income, the younger Gen Z’s desire to use social media to explore new places can’t satisfy their desire to “be there.”

Essential Room - every room at Hotel Intact has essential amenities. Customizable storage and a personal public/private window will allow the guest to engage with the community.

Guests, traveling in pairs can combine rooms, back to back to create a two room suite. 


No reception, no problem. A simple scan from your device accesses your secure reservation.